Central American Study and Service Programs (CASAS)

Spanish + Cultural Education

Through its CASAS programs, SEMILLA offers language study, cultural immersion, and hospitality services to international visitors. For those wanting to learn more about the geography, history, people, art, indigenous culture, science, environment, politics, and faith of Central America, SEMILLA is the ideal vantage point for learning. Whether you are a college student, family, or adult explorer, we have a number of academic programs to suit your needs.

CASAS Programs

Semilla, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Spanish Online

Accelerate your Spanish with personalized, face to face lessons via video conference with a qualified Guatemalan instructor. We offer lessons for adults and children.

Study Abroad

Whether one-week, a month, a semester or a full-year, CASAS has a variety of learning opportunities designed to meet student's diverse interests and needs.

Semilla, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Learning Tours

We provide all-inclusive travel and study tours for groups that are not coming through a school or university. Typically, Learning Tours are 1-2 week experiences customized to meet group needs.

Semilla, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Spanish In Guatemala

Through CASAS, SEMILLA offers multiple options for morning and afternoon Spanish-language education. You can choose to stay at the Casa Emaús guesthouse or in the community.

Semilla, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala


A customized personal program at SEMILLA can help you develop your sense of leadership, collaboration, awareness, and understanding of social issues in a global context.

Semilla, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Gap Program

Perhaps as a student, you would like to take a breather from your studies. This can be a wise decision and a wonderful way to expand your horizons and explore life direction

Semilla, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Family Experience

Families with children are welcome to visit SEMILLA for language and culture studies. We can connect families to childcare providers who can be with the children on campus.