Anabaptist Learning Tour

You are invited to join us on a specially designed tour

This 19-person tour highlights Anabaptist churches and seminary programs in Guatemala.

Small Group, In-Country Tour

October 15 – 26, 2021

Anabaptist Learning TourJoin interesting people from across North America on a tour focusing on Anabaptist churches and seminary programs in Guatemala, a microcosm of SEMILLA’s wide-ranging impact in Latin America.

CASAS, SEMILLA’s Central American Study and Service program, will host us for 10 fascinating days including:

  • Informative lectures on Guatemala’s colonial, ethnic, and religious history.
  • Day trips and overnight visits to Anabaptist churches and their programs.
  • Visits to scenic and historic areas of interest.
  • Visits to urban and rural communities where SEMILLA students learn an Anabaptist understanding of the gospel in their contexts of poverty, oppression, and indigenous cultures.

Tour Features

Your tour is arranged to include a wide variety of experiences to give you exposure to what Anabaptist churches are doing in Guatemala as well as a sense of the challenges and joys they face, in addition to visiting areas of special interest.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Attend lectures on culture, religion, and history by professors on the SEMILLA campus.
  • Visit with seminary students and Mennonite pastors in Guatemala.
  • Worship at Casa Horeb Mennonite Church and visit their unique Eduvida program.
  • Meet the pastor and a former gang member at a “red zone” church in Guatemala City.
  • Get to know the K’ekchi’ Mennonites of Alta Verapaz, with 132 indigenous congregations.
  • Visit a sustainable agriculture project in the cloud forest highlands of Guatemala.
  • Explore colonial Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and visit stunning Lake Atitlán with its picturesque volcanoes and charming indigenous villages.
  • Complete trip itinerary here.

Transportation and Fees

The tour fee of $1,300 US per person includes all lodging, meals, and transportation in Central America, including to and from the airport.

A deposit of $650 is due September 1, 2021. The balance is due October 9.

Space is limited to 19 participants. Tour participants should plan to arrive in Guatemala City on October 15 and depart October 26. Participants are responsible to arrange and pay for their transportation to and from Guatemala City.

Deadline September 1, 2021

We will accept confirmation on a first-come, first-served basis. A deposit of $650 is due September 1, 2021. The balance is due October 9.


In Guatemala City, we will stay at the SEMILLA campus guesthouse. Hotels are arranged for all offsite visits.

COVID-19 Requirements

CASAS staff are following all health and safety requirements recommended by the CDC and the Guatemalan government. To participate in this learning tour, you must provide evidence of a COVID vaccine.

Trip Confirmation

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Confirm Your Participation

Confirm your interest in this special learning tour by submitting your health forms and individual registration form.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!