Family Learning Experience

Families are Welcome at Semilla

Families with children are welcome to visit SEMILLA for language and culture studies. We can connect families to childcare providers who can be with the children on campus.

Spanish Classes for Children

Children over the age of 3 who are motivated learners are welcome to participate in Spanish language classes.

Family Activities

Below is a list of activities that are preferable for families with children.

  • Historic downtown center (national palace, cathedral, 6th Avenue)
  • Contrast tour (terminal market, Cayala mall)
  • Archaeology museum
  • Kaminal Juyu archaeological site
  • Mayan textile museum
  • Zoo
  • Visit organizations (i.e. women’s rights, human rights, weaving, migration, etc.)

Child Care

CASAS can arrange childcare with local Guatemalan caregivers (not SEMILLA/CASAS staff) on the SEMILLA Campus while parents are in classes. The cost of childcare depends on the provider.