Educator Tour

You are invited to join us for a special learning tour.

We are inviting 8 educators to join us for a special five-day learning tour in August 2021.

Private, In-Country Tour

August 5-10, 2021

We are extending an invitation to educators and school administrators who have expressed interest in bringing groups or sending students to CASAS for cross-culture education experiences. This special trip is available by invitation only.

The special five-day in-country learning tour is specifically designed for a limited group of eight (8) educators to see firsthand what the CASAS experience is like. During the trip, you will

  • Meet our program administrators, Spanish teachers, and staff,
  • Relax at the Casa Emaús Guest House,
  • Eat food prepared by our excellent head cook, and
  • Visit cultural, social, and environmental sites in Guatemala City and other commonly visited learning tour attractions.

Learning Tour Locations

  • Guatemala City
  • Lake Atitlán: Indigenous Cooperatives, Chocolate, Honey, Naturopathic Medicine, Textiles
  • Iximche: Mayan Ruins


Trip Cost $0

To provide a deeper context and understanding of our program, our generous donors are contributing the funding necessary to pay for your experience in the country. (The value of this five-day trip is $700 per person.) Each educator is responsible for their travel to/from Guatemala City. However, if that presents a hardship, there are scholarship funds available to support some or all of your transportation costs.

Deadline May 15, 2021

We will accept confirmation on a first-come, first-served basis. The final confirmation deadline is May 15, 2021, OR when all eight available seats are taken.

COVID-19 Requirements

CASAS staff are following all health and safety requirements recommended by the CDC and the Guatemalan government. To participate in this learning tour, you must provide evidence of a COVID vaccine.

Trip Confirmation

Group Learning Tour

Confirm Your Participation

Confirm your interest in this special learning tour by submitting your health forms and individual registration form.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!