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Meet Albertina Yoc, CASAS Spanish Teacher

Albertina Yoc, CASAS Spanish Teacher


My work with the CASAS programs at SEMILLA is important to me because I grew up in the Mennonite Church. I was moved to be invited to be part of this project that began as a dream at the seminary. I realized this was a noble mission. The hope is that we not just teach a language but also walk alongside people, challenging them to recognize their gifts and abilities in a foreign context.


My favorite part of this experience is the opportunity to share my culture, language, and life experience with God with our students. I love being able to walk with young people who sometimes arrive without speaking Spanish and quickly see them learn to communicate. I’ve been thrilled watching students, over time, discover their vocations, happily doing what they enjoy most.

“I love the way students see the world after they arrive at SEMILLA”


Some of the things I enjoy most about working at SEMILLA are the exchange of thoughts, the richness and taste of the food, and the traditions. I love the way students see the world after they arrive at SEMILLA, knowing that facilitating their learning will open doors and opportunities for them wherever Spanish is spoken. Their objectives inspire me to strive to seek out and implement the best teaching approach so they can achieve them. SEMILLA is unique because we are a seminary. Our purpose is to share the words and values ​​of the Kingdom of God. We have been called to be a blessing to many.


Albertina with students

Being part of a family, having parents from another culture, and adapting to a new lifestyle have brought me so much joy. I thank God for the opportunity to be part of this project. Through language, I have been able to see alternative perspectives. I know a lot about the world now through the stories shared with me by each one of my students.